The Favourite

At first you will perhaps think it odd of us to have picked a sunglasses brand to be a favourite as we currently say goodbye to summer, but the sun was shining through our window on this crisp October morning, so thought it more than appropriate.

The sunglasses in question are MONOKEL from Stockholm, Sweden, a brand that takes its inspiration from highly creative people, art, music, skate-snowboarding and those living lives dedicated to what they love.

First coming across MONOKEL last year (after seeing a photo of our good friend Adi Mani on Instagramwearing the Barstow frame in matte black) a love affair with the brand and the Barstow began. The simplicity of Scandinavian design, pure and subtle, beautifully crafted and timeless. The Barstow frame has a soft feel and curved aesthetic that sits the frame perfectly complimenting the lines of a square or oblong face. It’s doing everything right without even trying, these reasons are why MONOKEL and the Barstow will always remain a favourite.

To take a look at this highly appealing brand and there beautiful sunglasses visit them at MONOKEL.