Blind Pig Collective exhibition to open in London

Milk & Sugar exhibitor Blind Pig has announced an exhibition of original work inspired by the 1920s and the renowned speakeasies of the era.

Dubbed the Blind Pig Collective, the group of creatives is made up of some of the brightest and most talented artists on the scene:
  • Laura Carlin
  • Shonagh Rae
  • Adam Simpson
  • Filmmakers Joe Morris and Mark Donne, better known as Brass Moustache
  • Photographer Rebecca Scheinberg
The Blind Pig collective was tasked to express the intrigue, excitement and character of the time, with their unique pieces of work.

Blind Pig is a brand new range of premium ciders blended with fruit and spirit flavours to produce a unique taste sensation that has all the cool cats howling.

This top-notch new range of ciders includes:
  • Bourbon & Blueberry
  • Rum & Poached Pear
  • Whiskey, Honey & Apple

Image: Secret Knocks by Adam Simpson
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