21 March: Feature announcement

DJ Parlour
This April 3-6 at The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, Milk & Sugar will be bringing you a banging trio, Evoni Design, Mixcloud and Pioneer DJ have partnered up to bring you their very own DJ parlour where you can sit back and enjoy live beats from a daily DJ crew, demos from the latest Pioneer kit and get your hands on Evoni Design’s knowingly cool DJ desks.

DJ crews have been carefully curated to suit the mood and time of day at the festival. Inspire your ears and discover new music from:
You’ll Soon Know
DJs: Tim Parker, K15.
Beats: to ease into the afternoon... hip hop, instrumental beats and chilled out downtempo.
Who they are: DJ crew that delivers laid back grooves and soulful sounds.
When: Thursday 3rd April: 1-3pm. 
DJs: Sam Zircon, Chris P Cuts. 
Beats: to make your feet move... Golden RnB, Oldskool hip hop, garage and electronic.
Who they are: Beatnik is a Creative, Label and Artist Development Company. A collective of passionate people who believe in supporting great music.
When: Friday 4th April: 5-8pm. 
Good Block 
DJs: Richard Foe, P.D, Thomas Treasure, Party Carter.
Beats: to find your groove to... Boogie Funk, Afro Disco and 80's Electro and House.
Who they are: Like minded LDN based DJs who play B2B vinyl only, focusing on sounds from the early 80's to late 90's.
When: Saturday 5th April: 4-7pm.
DJs: Jack Boen, Chesslo Junior, Alphabets Heaven, Charo. 
Beats: to kick back to on Sunday afternoon...mixed bag, genre-blending.
Who they are: WotNot are a new music venture, with a focus on creativity, the creative process and exploring innovative new music.
When: Sunday 6th April: 1-4pm.
Mixcloud will be recording the DJ sets and uploading them to Evoni Design’s Mixcloud profile so you can enjoy them when and wherever you like!